Chunky Knit Cardigans That Are Stylish and Cozy


And now they can be downright sexy. Here are 8 cardis we love.

It’s possible that I have the soul of an 70-year-old woman. It would explain my penchant for tea, blankets, cozy sweaters and an early bedtime. My love for cardigans has endured the longest and my childhood photos are proof.

But cardigans haven’t always been considered stylish. Besides their Golden Girls vibe, they’ve long been the sartorial choice of academics, preppy college kids and Mister Rogers. Recently, however, cardigans have experienced a kind of fashion renaissance. Unlike their prim and proper predecessors, today’s coolest cardis are designed to stand out. You can wear them cropped or oversized, chunky or whisper thin, with ribbed or billowy sleeves, and over-the-shoulder or with a deep-V neckline. 

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