Comfortable Floral Dress at Old Navy | Editor Review


I’m someone who loves spending time outside. Whether I’m chatting with neighbors or walking my dog, I love a good healthy dose of vitamin D when I can schedule it in. Now that it’s consistently hot outside, I realized I needed to find more warm-weather outfits that were easy to put together. Sure I could go for denim shorts or my biker shorts, but I always feel like I have to put a lot of effort into styling; I wanted to find something more turnkey. I set out to find the perfect Summer dress and set a few rules before I started shopping: the dress had to have a fun print (prints just make me happy), it couldn’t hug my waist (nothing more uncomfortable than being hot in a dress that’s also tight), and it had to be machine washable (dry cleaning is for the birds). It didn’t take long before I found it: the Old Navy Jersey Swing Dress ($25) checked all my boxes.

I took a look at the…

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