Costume Designer Mona May Reflects on Clueless, 25 Years On


Clueless was way ahead of its time. The quintessential ’90s fashion film based on Emma by Jane Austen is a cinema classic thanks to writer and director Amy Heckerling and costume designer Mona May. Unlike generic films about fashion or high school, Clueless doesn’t glorify mean girl behavior, which is a reason it continues to be fun, fresh, and relevant since its 1995 debut.

The film gives a rare look into the fictional friendship of two of the most popular girls in high school, who are expectedly rich, stylish, and desirable. And despite Cher and Dionne’s familiarity with being the envy of others, their solid friendship and genuine love for fashion makes Clueless an enduring teen hit. On the film’s 25th anniversary, we spoke to costume designer Mona May about why she thinks Clueless has transcended generations, the surprising inspirations behind some key outfits, and if Cher and…

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