Could you have IBS and not know it?


Decoding what’s normal (and what’s not) with your gut

In partnership with Renew Life 

Image: Stocksy

Constipation, gas, diarrhea and bloating are things that many of us experience on the regular, with varying degrees of severity. They’re just a part of life…right? Heck no, says Dr. Sara Celik. “While it may be true that gastrointestinal symptoms are common, it doesn’t mean that they are normal or healthy.”

Dr. Celik is a naturopathic doctor and Renew Life spokesperson who’s seen countless patients suffering from these sorts of symptoms. They often end up at her clinic after being dismissed by other healthcare providers precisely because their complaints are brushed off as just your standard Canadian gut–when really they’re suffering from medical conditions that are totally treatable. “My patients are often surprised by how great…

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