Creative Ideas For Distance Mothers Day During Quarantine


Even though you can’t celebrate IRL, you can still spend time together on her big day

Mother’s Day is May 10, and with quarantine and COVID-19 still very much a thing, chances are that many people won’t be celebrating with their mom or mother figure IRL. Which, let’s be honest, kind of sucks. But just because you can’t celebrate in person doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate mom at all. There are tons of ways to not only show your mom that you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day (with a super thoughtful and chic gift), but to spend time with her as well. For those who choose to or are able to celebrate, here are some great options for letting mom know you love her—from a distance, of course.

Watch your favourite movie together

Admittedly, the idea of trying to fire up Steel Magnolias at the same time as your mama sounds like a daunting…

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