Decoding Princess Diana Fashion The Crown Season 4


If you’re under the age of 30, chances are that you never *actually* knew much about Princess Diana (AKA Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales), or at least didn’t—like many people in our parents’ generation—watch in real time her meteoric rise to worldwide adoration and her untimely and tragic death. Regardless, you probably still heard a lot about her, because her legacy was both instant and enduring. The People’s Princess, as she was affectionately know, may have only been in the public eye for 16 years, but within that time she managed to firmly cement herself into the hearts of many—Royal obsessives and anti-monarchists alike—with her compassion and philanthropy, and into their closets with her eye-catching and influential style.

And now, with the November 15 release of the fourth season of The Crown—which will chronicle the Diana years in the…

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