Delicora Throwback Earrings Inspired by the ’90s and ’00s


In the words of Gwen Stefani, if we could escape and recreate a place that’s our own world, we’d bring back all the ’90s and ’00s accessories we could get our scrunchy-covered hands on. Like a time machine sent to us by Posh Spice herself, jewelry brand Delicora has released a 10-piece ’90s and ’00s-themed Throwback Collection created with some of our favorite pop stars in mind.

The collection, which includes nine pairs of earrings and one charm necklace, is inspired by Mariah Carey, Mandy Moore, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliot, and all five of The Spice Girls. So, yes, every piece is covered in bold patterns, colorful prints, and glitter galore.

The Throwback Collection ranges in price from $28 to $48 depending on your choice of gold or silver, and part of the proceeds made by the collection will be given to to provide food for people in need during…

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