Diane Keaton Shows Off Hat Collection in Wholesome Video


Diane Keaton’s Instagram is practically a treasure trove of wholesome content, and her latest video is quite the gem to behold. On Tuesday, the actress and fashion icon shared an Instagram video dedicated to showcasing her extensive hat collection, all filmed inside her gorgeous, farmhouse-style home. Wearing a long-sleeved, Wednesday-Addams-but-make-it-chic dress and standing in front of a curious array of hanging wooden pizza boards, Diane began the clip by explaining how hats can help hide your hair “in these times of trouble” when hairstylists aren’t as accessible.

She then walked over to a sizable table and casually said, “Well, here are a few of my hats,” while motioning toward 12 of ’em, all lined up in rows and organized by color. “As you can see, I have a problem; I’m addicted,” she added before picking up the one closest to her: a brown hat with a downward-sloping brim….

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