Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Is Already Making Me Mad


The production team is almost all white, and it shows

I was so scared when Disney first announced the live-action Mulan movie. Was Disney, a predominantly white American media conglomerate, actually capable of making a good adaptation of a Chinese story? I wasn’t totally against this new version, but I was highly concerned that they’d fuck it up. Turns out that was a good instinct.

We’re looking at a nearly-all-white production team. The director, writers, cinematographer, set decorator, editor, costume designer and most of the producers and art directors are all white. At this point, it’s just some East Asian people speaking dialogue, wearing costumes and sitting on sets that were written and created by white people. While I know the actors will do a good job with what they’re given, it feels almost like they’re just puppets.

To make…

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