Do Celeb Bookshelves Seen on Zoom Interviews Tell Us Anything?


But here are some books you’ll enjoy reading in lockdown

It seems like we’re forever trying to prove that celebs really are like us, whether it’s by purchasing groceries themselves, walking their own dogs or…reading? An April 30 piece by the New York Times took the current quarantine sitch as an opportunity to decipher just what celebrity’s readings habits say about them. With everyone currently hunkered down at home because of COVID-19, and celebs making television appearances from their homes via Zoom and Skype, the masses have gotten a behind-the-scenes peek at the offices and work areas of the rich and famous. And not only does the location from where celebs like John Legend and Matthew McConaughey choose to do their video calls give us regular folks a look at where they do business, but we can also learn a lot about these stars from the…

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