Do Eye Creams Work, Or Are They Actually Useless?


We went straight to the pros for answers

Eye cream has long been at the centre of a heated debate in the beauty industry. Some dermatologists recommend using one to care for the particularly delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, while others argue that it’s an unnecessary—and expensive—extra step. “Eye creams are just elegant moisturizers, formulated to match the pH of your tears so [they are] less irritating,” writes board-certified dermatologist Dr. Aegean Chan in a recent Instagram post. “My personal opinion is that any moisturizer is all you need in that area.”

Unlike some skincare non-negotiables like sunscreen and taking off your makeup at night, there’s still no clear answer on whether or not you should really use eye cream. To help you decide if it’s worth the splurge, we asked two pros to share their views on the…

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