Dressing Up For Date Night at Home During the Lockdown


Even though I am a fashion person and I love styling outfits, with nowhere to go and no people to see, I shunned my closet and started living out of my sweats drawer. The minute I found out we’d be on lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus, my heeled booties and pumps started collecting dust. Seriously, I think it started happeing instantly. Save for one day, all of my “outfits,” if you can even call them that, were mismatched, each piece selected for the sole purpose of comfort. I think my future husband and lockdown partner, Joey, fully expected this, if he even expected anything at all. He, too, has been wearing the same pajama pants and t-shirts. I can’t even remember what he looks like in a suit, his typical daily uniform. My cat, I think, is the most confused. Part of our regularly scheduled programming in the morning involves her staring up at me from the bed as I try…

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