Easy Ways to Layer Clothes For Winter 2020


While we all know the basic ways to layer our clothes in the wintertime — like throwing on a scarf and a beanie — we understand that those outfit ideas can feel tired and overplayed. For this reason, I’ve decided to scour the interwebs aka Instagram to shed some light on some unique ways you can up your style game this season. The key to layering all comes down to being prepared for anything. Does it start to snow all of a sudden? No worries, we’ve got a sweater, scarf, and a trench coat to keep us nice and toasty. The sun suddenly decides to show up out of nowhere? No problem! — Simply take off your hoodie and stash it until it cools off again (because it sadly always does!).

If you’re hoping to achieve the perfect “I just woke up and look this effortless” outfit, then we’ve got you covered. We’re showing you how to add dimension and texture to your looks, while still being…

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