Emma Roberts Wears Cute Vintage Outfits in Holidate


Emma Roberts stars as Sloane in Netflix’s new rom-com Holidate, alongside Luke Bracey, who plays love interest Jackson. Even though the duo decide to keep things strictly business — they essentially hire one another as dates for every holiday in the foreseeable future — Sloane definitely gets dressed up glamorously for moments with Jackson, at least when compared to the worn-in sweats she wears at home. Costume designer Helen Huang, who’s also worked on American Horror Story and Ted, spoke to POPSUGAR about shopping for each of Sloane’s looks. Remember: there’s a whole year’s worth of holidays to shop for here, and Sloane and Jackson may or may not have strayed from the major Hallmark dates, finding time to see each other on Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo, too.

Even though Sloane appears to be up on the latest trends when it comes to outerwear — she has the…

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