Fashion Trends to Wear in 2021


As if I need any excuse to shop for new clothes, the close of the year always feels like the perfect opportunity. After working from home since March of this year (like many of us), it’s become increasingly obvious which pieces I’m constantly reaching for in the absence of big events, pulling me closer to the minimal wardrobe aesthetic that has long been lingering in the back of my mind anyway. On the other hand, admittedly, looking to 2021 with the hope for “normalcy” does ignite a craving for at least a couple of statement pieces, like the chunky boots I’ve been eyeing. Then, there is of course, looking to the wardrobe shifts key players in the fashion industry are making, and what I’ve come to find is that many people are using this time to shop with practicality and longevity as a first priority, and I couldn’t agree more.

The ideal 2021 wardrobe for me is one that will be…

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