First Wives Club or the Fat Baddies Club!?: The Representation We Deserve


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On January 27th, BET+ will welcome Season 2 of one of my favorite shows right now, First Wives Club.

First Wives Club, starring Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jill Scott, and Michelle Buteau, is a show loosely based on the original film First Wives Club. The show is created and executive produced by Tracy Y. Oliver (Girls Trip).

Michelle Buteau, Jill Scott, Ryan Michelle Bathe 

First Wives Club, similar to many of our Black homegirl TV shows, is a show about a group of Black girlfriends rediscovering their voices, owning their truths, exploring new possibilities, and honoring that they matter.

What Separates First Wives Club From the Rest, You Ask?

This show stars not one but two Black plus size leads! When have we ever seen that in television history? I’ll wait….how about NEVER! 

When I first saw commercials for this show on BET back in 2019, my eyes almost rolled out of my…

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