Greatest Seasons Ever Episode 10 Recap: Sharleen Joynt’s POV


Never once when I started recapping this show six years ago did I think I would one day have to cover my own season. And, truthfully, I thought it’d be more fun to watch back than it was. In some ways, there was peace of mind in knowing only so much could be edited and altered in a mere montage of your season, so there’s naturally far less anxiety around potentially feeling misrepresented. But at the same time, that experience feels like a lifetime ago, that younger version of myself so much greener, to the point where the mere existence of the footage almost feels like misrepresentation. I’m in such a different place in my life than I was then, a place where I would never go on this show. Did I find that place because of it? I’ll never really know.

I know this might sound dramatic, but if you’re anything like me and are hellbent on wanting to be…

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