Greatest Seasons Ever Episode 3 Recap: Sharleen Joynt’s POV


I’ll admit: I may have groaned when I heard Ben’s season would be recapped in this week’s Greatest Seasons Ever roundup. It’s not that I think his wasn’t a good season (quite the opposite, really), but, as I said in my first recap of the season, I would hope Sean Lowe’s 2013 season isn’t considered “vintage.” Last week’s recap of Kaitlyn’s season brought us to 2015, and seeing how Ben’s and Jojo’s seasons are both from 2016, it sure seems like my fears are coming to fruition. It’s actually starting to feel a bit conspicuous, as though there are legal reasons for keeping earlier seasons from being highlighted. Or perhaps many of today’s producers themselves haven’t even watched earlier seasons and therefore aren’t acquainted enough to highlight them? This show has been around since 2002! Surely there were interesting,…

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