Greatest Seasons Ever Episode 4 Recap: Sharleen Joynt’s POV


The Bach alum shares her POV on episode 4 of the nostalgic new Bachelor series. This week: a look back at JoJo Fletcher’s season

If there’s one thing last night’s recap episode taught us, it’s that not all Greatest Ever seasons make for great recaps. Over the last few weeks, even if I wasn’t spectacularly entertained, I’ve managed to find aspects of each episode compelling and/or nostalgic. There have been so many great personalities to walk through these hallowed halls of heartbreak!

However, I’m sorry to say JoJo’s season did not translate for me at all. It led me to the conclusion that, in the same way that a season is only as good as its contestants, a recap episode is even more dependent on them. Case in point: JoJo herself was a phenomenal Bachelorette: down-to-earth, cool yet relatable, funny, confident yet never arrogant,…

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