Greatest Seasons Ever Episode 5 Recap: Sharleen Joynt’s POV


Watching last night’s Greatest Seasons Ever recap, I found myself surprised that I never thought to seek out these OG seasons before. I fancy myself an authority on The Bachelor franchise but didn’t even know who coined the phrase “I’m not here to make friends”?! I am an unworthy recapper!

I had high expectations for last night’s episode and it did not disappoint. It was downright fascinating to see how far back certain traditions of this franchise stretch. Things like Limo Exits and Rose Ceremonies and even Fantasy Suites—down to the word-for-word verbiage on a Fantasy Suite card!—appear to have been part and parcel of the show’s initial sales pitch to America. It’s debatable whether or not there was meant to be designated 1-on-1 time within group scenarios, but those (as well as the “steals” necessary to make them happen) ended up…

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