GTA 5 mobile APK download for Android: Real or fake?


GTA 5 is widely considered one of the best games in the GTA series. In the title, players regularly switch between three protagonists – Trevor, Michael and Franklin.

Even though the game is close to seven years old, it is still immensely popular among players, courtesy of the online mode and the interesting storyline that keeps them engrossed.

With the advent of mobile gaming, Rockstar Games has taken the opportunity to port several games from the GTA franchise onto mobile devices. Several older games were made available by the developers on Android and iOS devices but none of the games from the GTA HD Era, i.e., GTA 4, its DLCs and GTA 5 has been ported yet.

However, several videos and websites claim to provide a download link of the GTA 5 APK. Many players have subsequently wondered whether this is possible.

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