Gua Sha How-To: What Does a Gua Sha Do for Your Skin?


You’ve likely encountered the gua sha online, sitting in colour-coordinated shots on Pinterest, gleaming in Instagram flatlays and guest-starring on YouTube skincare tutorials. Celebrities love it too, whether it’s Tracee Ellis Ross or Miranda Kerr. Even Beyoncé is a fan as her longtime makeup artist, Sir John, once revealed. The gua sha is also often incorporated in facial treatments: Province Apothecary offers the Gua Sha Lift Organic Facial, while Odacité’s Temple of Beauty facial at The Detox Market includes the gua sha of your choosing. Suffice to say, like jade rollers, more and more people are incorporating the skincare tool in their regimens. So, what does a gua sha do and how, exactly, are you supposed to use it? 

What is gua sha?

Gua sha refers to a massage technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where the skin on the body is vigorously…

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