Guide to Best New Romance Novels


Your guide to the most delightful new romance novels to read all summer long

I love romance novels—truly, madly and deeply. It took me a while to feel comfortable saying that out loud and without hesitation. On any given day, I turn to a romance novel to relax, de-stress or alleviate my anxiety. My diet includes generous helpings of authors like Talia Hibbert, Mhairi McFarlane, Helen Hoang and Sally Thorne. The books from the genre are comforting companions—a fictional sigh of relief. These days, when the news cycle is relentless and infuriating, they’re my steady IV drip. It’s not just the escapism they offer, although that’s nice too. Nor is it just about the levity they provide or the steadfast certainty of a Happily Ever After when is so uncertain and in flux. Romance novels, at their core, are joyful and celebratory. During a time when…

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