Gyms in Ontario Reopening: What to Expect at Your Next Workout


You may have achieved some personal bests while working out at home during these past few months of lockdown, but now with much of the country in Stage 3 of reopening, and cities including Toronto, Niagara and Windsor expected to join shortly, comes the moment fitness fanatics have been holding their breath for: gyms and studios are reopening. Because let’s be real—non-runners may have dabbled in jogging and Zoom workouts helped fill the void, but for some physical activities, nothing compares to hitting up our favourite fitness facility. From the social aspect of seeing your gym buddies and trainers pushing you to do one more set, to unfettered access to fancy gym equipment (and let’s not forget the delicious juice bar smoothies!), gym workouts are a big part of not only our physical health but our mental well-being, too. 

Michelle Mucilli, for one,…

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