Here’s How to Safely Have Sex During the Coronavirus


Here’s how to safely get it on during COVID-19

Just because many people globally are being advised to work from home doesn’t mean that working’s the *only* thing they’ll be doing—and the city of New York knows that. Health officials realize that in times of crisis—or, TBH, boredom—people will turn to one thing to destress: sex.

And why wouldn’t they? Consensual sex is fun, releases tons of endorphins, burns calories (you are supposed to move your body once a day for mental health, after all) and can make you feel emotionally closer to your partner. These are all great things, if sex is practiced safely. The catch? With the spread of COVID-19, safe sex means more than just using contraception. The New York City government has released an advisory outlining safe sexual practices in the time of coronavirus. And we should *all* be taking…

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