Here’s Why We Need More Women of Colour in Law


I graduated from law school in 2016 and I was called to the bar in Alberta in July, 2020. The only Black female judge in Alberta, Queen’s Bench Justice Gaylene Kendell, was going to be presiding over my call to the bar. I wanted the experience to be like “Black Lady Courtroom.” I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be real life.’ For me, the timing was really important because everyone was (and is) talking about racism as if it’s a new word, and it’s a good time to interrogate anti-Black racism in law. It was going to be so symbolic to have a Black woman introduce me into the legal profession, especially because to get where I am, it has been Black women mentors, Black women in my family and Black queer folks in my community who have supported me. Plus, it felt relevant because the bar of Alberta is where Violet King—the first Black female lawyer…

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