Here’s Why We Shouldn’t Share the Chris Evans Leaked Photo


They say you should never stare directly into the sun (you know, because unless you’re Donald Trump, it’ll blind you), and the same can be said for Chris Evans’s penis. On September 12, the Captain America star sent the internet into a frenzy after he reportedly (and most likely accidentally) shared a photo of his superhero dong on Instagram Stories. Attempting to share a lighthearted screen recording of himself and his friends playing Ellen DeGeneres’s “Heads Up” game, Evans accidentally shared more than expected when he exited the video, showing off the rest of his iPhone photo gallery. And the actor got our attention when he accidentally revealed a photo of a penis that many believe is the hunky (and chivalrous) gentleman’s within said iPhone gallery. FYI, the photo’s in black and white, because Evans is a goddamn artist, thank you very…

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