How Are People Dressing While Social Distancing


A few days into my own self-imposed social distancing, I tweeted “Dressing for men < Dressing for other women < Dressing for your dog.” I was wearing a pair of black Nike leggings with my favorite purple Isabel Marant sweatshirt, and I’d forgotten to put on earrings, which is something I typically never forget to do. I was thinking about what I’d be choosing to wear when the only people I would see for the foreseeable future were my boyfriend, my dog (who certainly counts as a person), and my coworkers — but only from the shoulders up, via Google Hangouts.

While working from home often was nothing novel for me, the rest of my calendar was also desolate, which was new. Dinner reservations at that new restaurant in Silverlake? Cancelled before I could make them, due to LA’s citywide restaurant shutdown. That meditation class I was planning to attend Thursday night? Postponed. The…

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