How Fashion Can Brighten Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down


Even though I work from home fairly often, and my job as an editor is doable remotely, the experience of working remotely feels different when our world is facing a crisis. The spread of coronavirus is top of mind, prodding and jabbing at every somewhat normal thought I have, turning my mood upside down just when I finally start to feel uplifted and maybe even manage a smile. I overheard my fiancé telling a friend on the phone, “Sarah’s used to this, she works from home all the time.” But he’s wrong — I’m not used to this. Work-from-home days suddenly went from delighting in rare occurrences (No makeup! Ripped sweats that are so comfy I’ll never throw them away! Sloppily licking the greek yogurt out of my granola bowl!) to a mandate. We are all facing a sad ultimatum: if we don’t self-isolate, we could help spread a virus.

I love my job as a fashion editor, but writing about many…

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