How Katie Holmes Made Skinny Jeans and a Hoodie Look Chic


When it comes to casual outfit ideas involving jeans, do as Katie Holmes does, because she keeps nailing it, and her latest denim outfit further proves it. An outfit that includes skinny jeans and a hoodie isn’t particularly luxurious, even if said jeans and hoodie are designer, but Holmes made it so this week while out and about in NYC. So let’s break it down.

When she woke up that morning, Holmes reached for light-wash skinny jeans and an orange hoodie. Sure, that’s a cool outfit. But then perhaps she thought, How can I make this outfit a little bit chicer? Then came a camel coat (which is a no-fail way to make any outfit look expensive), lace-up ankle boots, a fedora, and a shoulder bag. Voila, you have a very luxurious-looking outfit that’s easy to create and comfortable to wear. As you can see, it’s all about the add-ons, so if you have a camel coat and some elevated…

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