How Often You Should Shampoo Your Hair, According to Experts


When in doubt, consult a dermatologist or certified trichologist. Even though the beauty market offers every kind of scalp and hair antidote we could dream of, it’s still important to get an expert opinion before diving into bottles of supplements and hair treatments. Hill reiterates that anyone dealing with major scalp buildup or heavy flakiness should refrain from using anything on their scalp until they have been analyzed or diagnosed by an expert.

Pay attention to how your body feels as a whole because true scalp and hair health begins from within. Regardless of how on point your haircare might be, if other important things (like sleep, stress levels, etc.) are discordant, they can have a direct impact on the health, feel, and appearance of our strands. Unfair, but true. “The most important factor for scalp and hair health is your overall health and wellness, and it’s…

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