How to Avoid News Burnout While Still Staying Informed


It’s easy to despair over the ever-burning tire fire that is the news today. But it’s possible to stay on top current events and still take care of yourself

Because I work in a newsroom, I am often asked The Question: How do you keep up with every twist and turn of the chaotic news cycle without being completely bummed out and overwhelmed?

My answer is not a popular one at parties, but it’s the truth: I shut it off—and as often as I can.

It’s not the answer expected of journalists, but I’m hardly alone in this. Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a renowned advocate for feminism and gender quality, turned some heads when she told a conference crowd about a useful tool in the arsenal of activists: switching the news off.

Commenting on the unfolding story of families separated at the border in the US, Adichie said, “It’s just been…

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