How to Build a Basic Capsule Wardrobe


I moved to Boston last year after spending quite some time in New York City and Los Angeles. And while Beantown is certainly larger than a lot of cities, it is a bit smaller than what I’ve been used to. It also isn’t necessarily one of the “fashion capitals” compared to N.Y.C. or L.A. But like just about anywhere, there still is a major element of style in the city. As a result, I personally like to bring it with my sartorial choices whenever I’m in the mood. But while those eclectic looks do make it into my rotation, it’s the more basic ensembles that make up my day to day to stay comfortable yet chic. So naturally, I get the most out of those simple, elevated pieces. In fact, after going through my closet, there’s really about 17 items I truly couldn’t live without as they can be mixed and match to create my go-to fits. And thus, my capsule wardrobe was…

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