How to Build a Chic Fashion Uniform That’s Versatile


I’m all for a uniform to make getting dressed as seamless as possible. Sure, I like to experiment with fashion and switch it up from time to time, but there’s a standard fit that truly works within my personal style. The ensemble in question? A moto jacket, basic top, black skinny jeans or trousers, and simple shoes (like white sneakers or boots). I gravitate toward this specific outfit because I find it chic and always “in” thanks to its timeless nature. Oh, not to mention it’s also comfortable and incredibly easy to just throw on and go. What do my friends think about it? Sure, they’re into it in general as a sleek look, but they have made it known that they’re not as into how often I wear it (despite that I consider it my uniform).

It’s true. I do wear this same outfit multiple times a week (featuring fresh pieces each time, of course), so I often get,…

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