How to Clean and Care For Your Engagement Ring


If preserving your engagement ring is important to you — and I’m guessing it is — I present you everything you need to know about safekeeping, cleaning, and caring for your most special piece of jewelry. But this involves way more than just wearing it every day and being sure to show it off at the perfect angle in your next mirror selfie.

I chatted with Sarah Dickinson, ecommerce and customer experience manager of Mociun, and Caitlin Mociun, designer and founder of Mociun. Mociun is a jewelry company you might recognize for its signature inimitable shapes and stone pairings. Caitlin’s engagement rings are handmade in New York City and especially unique. I figured the women behind such beautiful creations would have plenty of tips and tricks up their sleeves for taking care of bridal jewelry.

Sure enough, both Sarah and Caitlin are armed with good advice, and they even gave me…

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