How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes At Home


Your makeup brushes, just like your bras, could probably benefit from a good wash. Actually, they could benefit from frequent good washes. Clean makeup brushes are essential to making sure your makeup goes on properly and doesn’t cause breakouts, but how to do it without ruining those soft, lovely bristles (and dying of boredom)?

We asked Kim Creton, a makeup artist who splits her time between Toronto and Montreal, to give us the lowdown on maintaining clean brushes and sponges (and therefore happier skin).

You need to wash them as often as possible

Creton recommends washing your tools daily. Yes, you read that right: DAILY. If you’re busy and can’t manage it (so…everyone?), once a week should be the “ultimate maximum.” Try to do as often as possible in a week, even if you have a few minutes to spare.

Think of it this way: we’re all busy, but most of…

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