How to Cope with Managing Anxiety During COVID 19


A psychologist explains how to keep going—and if bras are really necessary RN

The last few weeks have been anxious for everyone, as the new realities of social isolation and potential economic collapse set in. For the three million plus Canadians who live with anxiety disorders, the mental health implications are especially, well, stressful. So how best to cope? We spoke with Christine Korol, a registered psychologist at the Vancouver Anxiety Centre about coping with the uncertainty, how to be mindful while washing the dishes—and whether it’s okay to ditch your bra.

First things first: How are you doing?

I’m doing pretty well. I do deal with anxiety, but for whatever reason it hasn’t really acted up during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s the thing about anxiety—it’s not necessarily predictable. I was totally fine during the SARS…

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