How to Create Cute, Comfy Outfits For Women


Ahh, comfy clothes. These days, they’re our best buds. As we learn to adjust to working from home and dressing for ourselves when the bed is in the next room over and sleep is no distant thing, it’s important to learn how to feel our best. Sometimes, that doesn’t just mean reaching for the softest fabric in our drawer, but constructing an athleisure look around a favorite leggings brand or a hoodie sweat set.

It’s hard to imagine that we needed to whip you up a guide to making cozy outfits, right? You’re probably thinking, “It’s easy, just hand me all the terry cloth and silk that exists in this world and I’m set.” But we’re breaking down comfy outfits for every occasion, just in case you want to think about picking up essentials for every comfy event in your life, from taking a road trip to Netflix-ing on the couch. Trust us when we say there’s a time and place for every…

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