How to Get Chocolate Out of Clothing in 5 Steps


Whether you’re a parent of small children or simply the victim of a melted-chocolate fiasco, getting chocolate on clothing can feel like a disaster. Fortunately, returning clothes to their original, chocolate-free state may be easier than you think. If you’re hoping to rescue your favorite pair of jeans, a beloved T-shirt, or just about anything else, here’s a quick guide to how to get chocolate out of clothing in just a few simple steps.

Using a dull butter knife or spoon, carefully remove any excess chocolate that’s resting on the surface of the clothing. Be careful not to spread the chocolate during this step and use a gentle scooping motion to avoid pressing chocolate further into the fibers of the fabric.

Taking care not to spread the stain, turn the garment inside out, and then place the back of the affected area under a stream of cold running water. This will help flush…

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