How to Get Rid of Acne Scarring, According to a Derm


DON’T: Cake on your makeup. Instead, allow the skin to breathe, heal, and be in as natural of a state as possible. 

DON’T: Pick your skin. “If the pimple is popped, squeezed, extracted, or even scratched the wrong way, it can rupture, causing an acne scar,” warns Hernandez. “Always allow any scabs to completely heal and fall off on their own. The skin underneath the scab is regenerating and growing, and if the scab is picked off too soon, and the skin cells have not had the chance to heal and re-grow, you can be left with hyperpigmentation, a depression, or a scar.”

DO: See a real expert. “Don’t take risks with your skin and don’t look at online blogs, social media, or do-it-yourself websites for help… you could risk more damage to your skin,” says Nazarian.

DO:  Avoid long periods of sun exposure. Carry/wear a hat at all times, always wear SPF, and reapply after two…

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