How to Get Smoother Skin in 30 Days With This Routine


I’m just going to come out and say it: Everyone has been complimenting my skin lately. My co-workers, random people at the grocery store, my friends and family—everyone. While I’ve never dealt with any major skin woes like acne, I still never considered myself to be someone with particularly good skin (whatever that means). My skin has always been on the dry side, and like many women of color, I’ve dealt with my fair share of stubborn hyperpigmentation. The sudden influx of compliments hasn’t just been a nice little boost to my newly 30-year-old ego but also a testament to my current skincare routine, which I’ve tweaked to perfection over the course of several months. 

As a beauty editor, I have access to every product under the sun. But ever since last fall, I felt like my skin had just lost something. When I think back, it makes sense, as there was lot was happening…

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