How To Give Yourself a Relaxing Facial At Home


While some businesses across Canada are starting to re-open during COVID-19, it looks like a trip to your facialist *probably* won’t be happening anytime in the very near future. ICYMI, even if you live somewhere that is in Stage 2 Reopening and can start enjoying services like haircuts and manicures (like most of Ontario), treatments that tend to a person’s face—including facials and eyebrow grooming—are still prohibited. And let’s be honest, more than three months into quarantine, we’re seriously missing our beauty pros—and so is our skin. Spending so much time staring at computer screens and televisions with limited exposure outside doesn’t exactly scream healthy skin regime. Plus, in many cases, our time at the salon is self-care time. In addition to keeping our skin on-point, facial appointments used to mean a few moments to relax, free from…

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