How to Grow Your Hair Faster, According to a Celeb Stylist


I’ve been asking colourists and hairstylists for their best hair growth secrets ever since I started highlighting, heat torching and administering overall havoc on my hair back in primary school. (Yep, I was the crazy girl sporting zebra highlights, temporary spray colour and tinsel-sprinkled fake hair clips in her yearbook picture.) Considering my natural hair is already finely textured and blonde, you’d think I’d take it easy with damage-invoking things like colour, heat tools, extensions, etc., but apparently, it’s just in my DNA to ignore my lofty length goals by pushing my hair’s buttons and putting it through an undeserved ringer. (I’ve dabbled in extensions, I have a dysfunctional addiction to my flat iron, and I once had almost all my hair bleached off my head.)

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