How to Make Your Hair Less Frizzy, No Matter Your Hair Type


While frizzy hair can certainly be a look sported on purpose, it’s also one of the most common hair woes out there. Whatever your hair type, whatever the season, you can suddenly find yourself with a frizzy layer of unmanageable strands. That’s because frizzy hair is caused by one main culprit: dryness.

Colour treatments, heat and sun damage are just a few of the things that can cause frizz-inducing dryness, no matter your hair type. When hair is dry, it absorbs moisture from the air, causing strands to puff up and become frizzy. Kirsten Klontz, a Toronto-based hairstylist and brand ambassador for Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Collection, compares frizzy hair to shingles on a house. “When the shingles get worn out or compromised, they start to lift up. That’s essentially what happens to the layers of the hair cuticle” she says.

Frizz happens to…

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