How to Minimise Pores, According to Celebrity Facialists


According to Rowan Hall-Farrise, head of international education and training for QMS Medicosmetics, pores are the small openings on the skin that are in charge of regulating and releasing toxins through our natural oils and sweat. Therefore, they actually play a pivotal role in our overall skin health.

As far as pore size, however, that mostly comes down to genetics, skin type, ageing and environmental factors. Celebrity aesthetician Cynthia Franco (who has worked with Salma Hayek, Lucy Boynton, Lena Headey and more) points out, pores can become packed and dilated with sebum, makeup, dirt and other debris, which can ultimately cause them to stretch, making them appear larger than their natural size. Generally, the T-zone (aka the forehead and nose) is where people notice the biggest issues with pore size because the sebaceous glands in that region tend to be more…

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