How to Mix Your Own Custom Lip Colour at Home


At a moment when the bittiest things can bring deeply-felt moments of joy, the power of an uplifting lip colour should not be minimized. But, did you know you can make one great colour even better? A go-to move among makeup artists, blending two shades can create a customized look for next-level results.

“By mixing two different colours you are able to change the depth, warmth, coolness, and texture of your favourite lipstick,” says makeup artist Karima Sumar, who applies the method personally and professionally. There’s also a built-in fun factor, and the opportunity to dig out your lesser-used shades. Because who doesn’t have a few tubes of not-so-bang-on hues hanging around?

“This technique sparks creativity, and in the end you’re not being wasteful,” says Jodi Urichuk, L’Oréal Paris Canada makeup artist and expert. “Pros often de-pot…

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