How to Prevent and Treat Rosacea (Plus 8 Products to Use)


Considering the fickle nature of this condition, we tapped board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Sameer Bashey, MD, FAAD, for his expertise.

“Different ingredients trigger flare-ups and responses in different patients,” he tells Who What Wear. How do you get to the bottom of things? “Note what you ate, what you did, and what products you used [when one occurs],” Bashey advises. “Knowing what triggers your flare-ups can help you avoid the ingredients, foods, or activities that exacerbate your rosacea symptoms.”

As for skincare products? “I always recommend doing a test on a small section of skin on the face or neck to see how you respond to the formulation,” he explains. “If a reaction occurs, take note of the product and its ingredients, and consult your dermatologist. Anything from topical treatments to oral medications to laser therapy can be utilized,…

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