How to Shop for Clothes on Amazon


As an editor at Who What Wear, I should really be well-versed in the sartorial options available at Amazon… but I’ll just be honest: I’ve never bought clothes from the site before. And since the retailer’s strong assortment of brands (and deals) is a constant topic at work, I knew I needed to change that. But it’s a big site, and I had no idea where to begin, so I turned to the girl who’s always shown me the way since we met in seventh grade.

My best friend Alex is a clinical social worker at Bellevue Hospital’s Program for Survivors of Torture in New York, and when she’s not meeting with her clients there, she’s running a private therapy practice at her home. Did you just scroll up and scroll back down to read that right? Yeah, social workers don’t look like they used to! The point is, she doesn’t have a ton of free time. But as a stylish woman, she still wants to shop and…

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