How to Stay Centered With This Daily Routine


I’ve always loved and been super interested in health and wellness. In fact, I spent half of my time at college studying nutrition and public health before doing a complete 180 and switching to English and journalism. I also happened to grow up with two parents who were significantly older than everyone else’s parents I knew and who were passionate about taking exceptional care of themselves so they could be around for me as long as possible despite their older age. I grew up on things like organic flaxseed bread and locally made kefir, and I also watched my parents live very active lifestyles—yoga, bench presses, butt-sculpting classes led by Jane Fonda (that was mom), meditation, and everything in between. Naturally, the interest and passion wore off on me, and educating myself and taking care of my body have been things I’ve always prioritized. 

Obviously, a lot has…

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