How to Stick to Classic Style While WFH


I’m constantly scouring the internet for the best fashion moments to report on. From the chunky platform loafers I love (but can’t quite decide if I want) to the bevvy of knits taking over wardrobes across the nation, it’s fair to say there are far too many fall trends tempting me this season. Right now, what I actually should be shopping for is a new pair of really good black pants, but sometimes I need a little inspiration from my stylish co-workers before I start furiously clicking that “Add to cart” button.

We all have those friends with meticulously curated wardrobes, and every time they put an outfit together we think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, I basically just described my fellow editors Jasmine Fox-Suliaman and Lauren Eggertsen. When I turned to them to get the full 411 on what pants are particularly good right now, they both mentioned they’re…

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